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The Goldsmith

Nothing shall halt the forging of progress.

Hello~ I'm Theo, it's great to meet you! I'm learning Goldsmith magic, which at its best, is more like an art. My whole family is great at it; you should see some of their metalwork sometime. The delicate gilding of the greatest Goldsmiths, molding their fire into intricate patterns...*sigh* I'd love to get there someday.

About the Goldsmith

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So my mother was originally from the neighboring nation of The Sword, but wanted to learn Goldsmith magic, so she traveled there. Met my father. Got married. Had me! They're both incredibly talented artisans, which means I have a lot to live up to.

More About Theo

  • NAME: Theodora "Theo" Verr Eurid
  • OCCUPATION: Apprentice Goldsmith Mage
  • PRONOUNS: She/her
  • AGE: 15

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Though delicate artistry has been passed down in her family for generations, Theo struggles to keep her flame under control...▶

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Alright, I'm gonna stop beating around it. I haven't been able to match my parents' skills. I don't know what it is. Maybe I just need to go my own way! My friend Eloise, have you met her? She's a blacksmith, and she seems to appreciate having hot flame on demand, heh. Oh, I just don't know...magic is too complicated...

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