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The Mist

The Heart of the Mist gleamswith its own moonlight.

This is the land of The Mist. I'm Triveni, apprentice Mist Mage and Fountainkeeper. Good to meet you. If you need any healing, let me know. My mentor is traveling right now, so I can also show you around the area if you would like.

About the Mist

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The Fountain had been the target of several attacks, thefts, and other plots. The Mist is unique in how the collective focus of our magic takes physical form; it is a source of pride for us mages, but it is also a source of...I don't want to say paranoia, so I'll say anxiety.

More About Triveni

  • NAME: Triveni
  • OCCUPATION: Apprentice Mist Mage, Apprentice Fountainkeeper
  • PRONOUNS: She/her
  • AGE: 20

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Despite her best efforts, Triveni has been pulled into a strange, international, potentially disastrous situation...▶

I'm glad you're here. A lot of the nations can be hostile to outsiders, but we try to not be here in the Mist. Her Majesty The Winter Rain tries her best to be kind to everyone; what's more, she's got a good head on her shoulders. Some bad actors have tried to take advantage of her generosity. It doesn't work out very well for them.

We might be healers, but we're not weak.

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