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The Panther

The fire of passionburns long after the heat has faded.

What's up? I'm Adrian. Panther. Thief. Killer. Scared? Don't be, I'm just pulling your leg. About the killer stuff. I do steal. A gal's gotta eat. Here in The Panther, everyone with magic is responsible for keeping everyone else safe from all the beasts and monsters. We've got powerful shapeshifting, so we can blend right in with the other animals.

About the Panther

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I don't actually work with The Sunrise Huntress very much. Or at all. I'm actually in a hunter group on the outskirts of the Panther. Most of us are there through no fault of our own. Me? I'm not even from here! These were the first folks that took me in, so I guess I owe them.

More About Adrian

  • NAME: Adrian Chatain
  • OCCUPATION: Rogue, Apprentice Panther
  • PRONOUNS: She/they
  • AGE: 19

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Adrian does not feel like she really belongs in the Panther, and has continously been attempting a journey back home...▶

You seem trustworthy, so I'm gonna let you in on a secret. My mentor, Mel? She's for sure hiding something. She's been the main reason I haven't made it back to the Weaver yet. She's very pushy about making sure I don't find out what's in there. Joke's on her, though: that just makes me more certain I need to get back.

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