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The Prince

Keep your head out of the clouds.

Greetings. Mireille D'Roigris. Pleasure. Though I have not lived within the Prince for some time, I do keep an ear to the ground of their...political interests. It is both within my jurisdiction and personal interest. Therefore, I can still act as your authority on their culture and practice.

About the Prince

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I advise to Her Majesty The Thread of Newly Found Fate. I have been advising the Weaver since she was found as the new Queen. Poor, poor Ms. Finis...still so young and naïve. I and Miss Hana have our work cut out for us.

More About Mireille

  • NAME: Mireille D'Roigris
  • OCCUPATION: Advisor to Ingrid Finis
  • PRONOUNS: She/her
  • AGE: 25

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As Mireille's house of cards grows taller, the winds of her past threaten to collapse the fragile affair...▶

By now, I am sure you are aware of the threats facing the Weaver. Many closed communities and resources within the Weaver are attractive to the neighboring formal nations, namely the Prince and the Goldsmith. We have been in discussions with their ambassadors for months, and are slowly reaching a compromise, even if Miss Hana seems convinced I am not acting in the nation's best interests.

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