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The Swan

Even the most beautiful melody must eventually fall silent.

Greetings, I am Laurelin, and this is the land of the Swan. We are a people who have our fingertips close to the stars. My Queen, Her Majesty the Song Carried on the Breeze, has shared her magic to generations, allowing us to fly with ease, to sing and dance under the clearest of skies.

About the Swan

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Me? I am merely one of Her Majesty's gardeners. I have learned amazing things from the mages in my life, whether they are Swan or otherwise. The natural grace of the Willows, the healing of the Mist, the creativity of the Goldsmiths...they are inspiring to a young mage such as I am.

More About Laurelin

  • NAME: Laurelin
  • OCCUPATION: Royal Gardener
  • PRONOUNS: She/her
  • AGE: 19

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Because losing Her Majesty would be too much for the nation to bear, a small group of Swans, including Laurelin, set off on a journey for answers...▶

The constellations are the source of all magic in this world. Every mage and every sorcerer must keep their eyes wide to the sky. Recently, though, the Swan's lights have dimmed. We fear not only for the loss of our magic, not only for the loss of Her Majesty, but for a disaster that may reach past borders into the souls of all who need light.

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