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The Sword

Strengthen the armor protecting your lionheart.

Oh, hey. Welcome to The Sword. My name is Eloise; I'm training to be a Sword Crafter, so if you have questions about us, I can try and help out. We in The Sword are very practical people, and even though our magic isn't the most glamorous, Sword Mages have a really wide variety of powers they can study and use. It's pretty cool.

About the Sword

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Personally, I'm training as a Crafter of weapons. Other mages are Warriors, or Armorers, or even more traditional Mages with earthen magic. Most everybody trains in combat, which is what unifies our abilities. Me? I mean, I can hold my own, I guess.

More About Eloise

  • NAME: Eloise
  • OCCUPATION: Apprentice Sword Crafter and Toolsmith
  • PRONOUNS: She/her
  • AGE: 16

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When tasked with her most outrageous project yet, Eloise must seek inspiration from the farthest corners of the nations...▶

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It's been a weird few months for me, so sorry if I'm a little bit spaced. My mentor, on request of Her Majesty herself, sent me off to craft a legendary sword that belonged to an ancient Sword Master...on my own. He doesn't seem to mind that I brought a friend along on the journey. She's been a serious help, especially just to keep me grounded.

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