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The Weaver

All of fate, lain out as soft as silk.

Hi! I'm Ingrid, and welcome to the Weaver! It's great to meet you. I'm fairly new to these powers, but I'm not learning alone. Well, alright...I should probably mention: I'm the new Queen here. That's taking a lot of getting used to. No need to refer to me by anything fancy, please. With that out of the way, I hope you enjoy your stay!

About the Weaver

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Even though I'm the youngest Queen, people still entrust a lot to me. I feel like they think since I have future sight, I must have all the answers, even though...I don't. That's not really how this works! I have to surround myself with people wiser than myself to get through everything. I'm very grateful for my friends and advisors.

More About Ingrid

  • NAME: Ingrid Finis, Her Majesty The Thread of Newly Found Fate
  • OCCUPATION: The Weaver
  • PRONOUNS: She/her
  • AGE: 20

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Within the tumultuous political landscape, Ingrid seeks one constant, which she finds in her oldest friend...▶

Sometimes I miss my old life. It was so much simpler being just a little girl who happened to have magic. But I suppose that's what happens to sorcerers. We're a fully different class of magic user, according to the old sages. I'm...not sure I believe that. I have too many friends who aren't even sorcerers who are more powerful than I am. Oh, um, don't tell Mireille I said that.

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