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The Willow

One needs their roots planted firmly during the storm.

Hello, I am Hana, and welcome to the Willow. I am a Willow Mage, though recently I have been living within the Weaver as a maid and, well, friend, to The Thread of Newly Found Fate. Do not look so confused, I am still beholden to the Willow, and Her Majesty The Leaves that Hide the Light.

About the Willow

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Our Queens are, truthfully, just like you and I! They need friends, and advice, and walks in their gardens, and trips to the market. Miss Ingrid Finis, as powerful as she is, is still young. It has been very rewarding to watch her come into her own as a ruler, knowing that I am with her and working to ensure her life as Queen is as simple as it can be.

More About Hana

  • NAME: Hana
  • OCCUPATION: Maid to Ingrid Finis
  • PRONOUNS: She/her
  • AGE: 24

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With the pressure mounting to respond to these threats, Hana's split allegiances begin to stretch her heartstrings...▶

Unfortunately for Her Majesty, and unfortunately for me as well, to be Queen is never going to be simple. All of the formal lands have eyes on the Weaver. I would be a hypocrite to assign malicious intent to all formal mages speaking with Her Majesty; however, my compatriate Mireille, of the Prince, seems increasingly concerned with getting Her Majesty's ear.

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