The Space Between Hellwrought Souls

Lilah Blakelea

The Rebel Temptress

  • Name: Lilah Blakelea (Human Name), Lilath'yr (Demon Name)
  • Age (Apparent): 19
  • True Age: 150
  • Height: 5'0" (5'3" with heels)
  • Pronouns: She/her
  • Sexuality: Pansexual/Bisexual (Uses both)
  • Demon Type: Succubus
  • Family: None
  • Likes: Shopping, stargazing, sleeping, fruity sodas
  • Dislikes: Reading, arguments, cold weather, rain
  • Demeanor: Cheeky, ditzy as an act, clumsy, emotional, easily persuaded
  • Strengths: Extremely empathetic
  • Weaknesses: EXTREMELY empathetic

Lilah Blakelea is a young succubus with a too-big heart and too-scattered mind. She spent many decades in the Hellscape, bouncing between mentors but never quite achieving success in the realm of seduction. This has led her to believe that she, and possibly many other succubi, are not letting themselves be vulnerable enough, that perhaps human intimacy requires a level of care she has not achieved yet. Other succubi have warned her against this, that should humans discover her as a demon, should she reveal her inner self, she would be swiftly, mercilessly killed. Lilah has not listened. She entered the human dimension with an alias, disguise, and proper paperwork to enter a mid-sized university where she would find her future lover.

Lilah tends not to think through her ideas to their logical conclusions, though this is not for lack of wisdom. Far more often, she chooses the path of reckless abandon, of unknown consequence on purpose, knowing somewhere within her that unique problems require unique solutions. Demons need to feed on human energy to survive, and Lilah, though unsuccessful in prior seductions, has a better sense for this energy than many of her contemporaries.