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The studious city of scholars and mages.

Nestled within the foothills of the Northern Pass, the small city of Ansterre is best known as the intellectual locus of all Sorregia. With numerous libraries, archives, and research guilds, run by a population of sometimes dangerously curious individuals, those that call Ansterre home can lay claim to nearly any morsel of knowledge they seek, can answer any question under the suns.

The government is parliamentary, led by a Prime Minister, with much input from the noble Court of Mages, a long-standing noble establishment of Sorregia's greatest magic users. The city's patron god is The Starchild.

The Court of Mages

Established in the year 553 by the Archmage Ephemerides, the Court of Mages is a highly respected noble court dedicated to the preservation of the magic arts and providing for young casters. Though the leadership of the court is hereditary from the line of Ephemerides, any accomplished mage may receive an invite should their interests align with that of the nation and the Court. The members of the Court of Mages are sometimes, but not always, seated on Ansterre's parliament. The Ladies of the Court are present for all political assembly.

Town Square Libraries

Ansterre's town square, located in the eastern portion of the city, is ringed by an impressive seventeen libraries, each dedicated to a specific research inquiry, such as Philosophy, Astronomy, Language, or the Arts. The librarians at each of these establishments typically become respected community members, often engaged in their own research while running their library.

Year-Specific Information


  • Prime Minister: Chronicle (Tiefling Man)
  • Lady of the Court: Ephemerides


  • Unfinished Archives: Inkblot (Goblin Man)
  • Alchemy: Syra (Half-elf Woman)
  • Arcana: Runnia (Dwarf Woman)
  • Art Gallery: Kyllian (Half-orc Man)
  • Astronomy: Heiro (High Elf Man)
  • Fey Studies: Hyacinth (Nonbinary Eladrin)
  • Folklore: Lori (Gnome Woman)
  • History: Polezny (Tiefling Woman)
  • Linguistics: Silvercliff (Centaur Woman)
  • Medicine: Marina (Nonbinary Drow)
  • Music: Riula (Halfling Woman)
  • Natural Sciences: Ara (High Elf Woman)
  • Numerology and Mathematics: Torch (Fire Genasi Man)
  • Philosophy: Ephemerides (Aarakocra Woman)
  • Politics and Law: Xulian (Minotaur Man)
  • Religion: Liza (Rabbitfolk Man)
  • Theater: Matheo (Human Man)


  • Prime Minister: Emilia Villaneuve (Half-elf Woman)
  • Lady of the Court: Nova


  • Prime Minister: Davix Bisset (Half-elf Man)
  • Lady of the Court: Parallax


  • Unfinished Archives: Melomene (Satyr Man)
  • Alchemy: Mildren (Goblin Woman)
  • Arcana: Rosina Goldscript (Gnome Woman)
  • Art Gallery: Swift (Air Genasi Man)
  • Astronomy: Ilkein Starcrosser (Goliath Man)
  • Fey Studies: Panrien (Winter Eladrin Man)
  • Folklore: Lira (Human Woman)
  • History: Alani Minaleth (Half-elf Woman)
  • Linguistics: Corros (Half-elf Man)
  • Medicine: Sylran (Firbolg Woman)
  • Music: Amelie Clio (Human Woman)
  • Natural Sciences: Crus (Aarakocra Woman)
  • Numerology and Mathematics: Milir (Aasimar Woman)
  • Philosophy: Udonaar (Bronze Dragonborn Man)
  • Politics and Law: Mercier (Human Man)
  • Religion: Colette Morebelle (Human Woman)
  • Theater: Corin Everley (Nonbinary Changeling)