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The center of government, art, and secrets.

Tariah is the capital city of Sorregia, the location of the King’s Castle, the noble’s community, and the artisan’s guild. The city is bisected by a small tributary river, creating the subdivisions of North and South Tariah.

North Tariah boasts the castle and many nobles, positioned on a hill with the castle on top and nobles of progressively less influence spiraling down.

South Tariah is home to richer family houses and the artisan’s guild center. Many artists choose to live in the surrounding neighborhood, but not all. All, however, meet up regularly in the capital for trade and festivals.

The executive government is technically led by a governor, but this leader works very closely with the Sunscraper crown. It is largely assumed by the citizens of Tariah that if the crown were to make a legislative decision, the governor will very quickly make the same policy decision. The city's patron gods are House Frerre and House Frigia.

The Sunscraper

Nara's Guild


Pikkia is a small rural town due-south of the capital. In contrast to the two districts of Tariah, Pikkia is much smaller, with an even closer-knit community than eithe of the Tarian districts. Like the governor of Tariah, the mayorship of Pikkia closely follows the policy decisions of the crown. Pikkia is the home of many small shops, inns, and taverns. To many, it is a sleepy town that one may simply pass through on their jounrey to something greater; to those that live there, it is a quiet, perfect slice of Sorregian existence.

Year-Specific Information

  • King: Thelos Dorlossa
  • Queen: Inarora Dedans Ansterre
  • Guildmaster: Zasidia Bonnaire (Satyr Woman)
  • Tarian Governor: Gareth Lockwood (Human Man)
  • Pikkia Mayor: Lavena Griffin (Half-elf Woman)
  • King: Sylos Thelossa
  • Queen: Leolar Llywelyn
  • Guildmaster: Ammie Livingstone (Aasimar Woman)
  • Tarian Governor: Sage Newell (Half-elf Woman)
  • Pikkia Mayor: Devon Watkins (Human Man)
  • Queen: Farona Sylossa
  • King: Ressix Blackwood
  • Guildmaster: Wisteria (Shifter Woman)
  • Tarian Governor: Eirien Stratford (Human Man)
  • Pikkia Mayor: Chorus (Tiefling Woman)