The Space Between Hellwrought Souls

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Sketches of Muscial Ideas

While I know intellectually that I maybe shouldn't be working on music until much farther down the line, I'm a musician by trade, and I had some melodic ideas I couldn't get out of my ear. I've done some work with video-game-style leitmotifs in the past, but I've not really explored the space in the way or to the degree I might've wanted to. Basically, I want to intentionally work from the beginning to try and weave that tapestry of leitmotifs I've only dabbled with in the past.

Emphasis on "try" there. I have high standards for my music, but it's all a learning process. I haven't been at this for nearly long enough to claim that I really know what I'm doing.

Fanfare aside, I've come up with ideas for leitmotifs for Chrissa and Lilah so far. Chrissa's theme has a bit more arrangement to it, a bit more exploration, but it's nowhere near done. Lilah's is short, and I'm not all that happy with the sounds yet, but I like where the melody is going.

Lilah's Theme:

Her specific leitmotif is the offbeat descending three-note line that comes in halfway through. I want her music to be delicate, a bit fantastical, and lilting. I like the delay on the piano, and I like the guitar harmony, but like I said, I'm not sure about the synth sounds. Will do some more sketches later.

Chrissa's Theme:

Again like I said, Chrissa's theme is already a bit more fleshed out. I can't decide if I want her leitmotif to be the soprano line on the backing piano (the first thing you hear) or something from the actual melody. Her theme will be playing with the minor and major tonalities like it does here. Chrissa is complex, both selfish and caring, with a history of manipulation but with a long stint of minding her own damn business. Her sound needs to be mysterious and disorienting. The mix needs work and the composition itself needs to better sit in the background if it's going to be a backing track during the game.

So that's what I've got. Spoiler alert, Io's theme is going to be something minor and rock-inspired, and Teri's will probably be something jazz-inspired with dense chords and cool bass lines. When I get ideas I'll let y'all know. Cheers.