The Space Between Hellwrought Souls

Welcome to the Space Between

Hello! And welcome to the dev site for The Space Between Hellwrought Souls (SBHS), a visual novel about demons, lesbians, hunger, temptation, obsession, and working to build something greater than yourself.


  • 4/16/22: New Devlog posted about some musical ideas. Minor code updates.
  • 3/29/22: Devlog has begun! First post posted, going generally over what I've written so far.
  • 3/28/22: Character bios are all written. Next up, thinking of a format for the Devlog.
  • 3/21/22: Individual pages populated with content! Except for Lorem Ipsum on most of their long bios. Fonts updated.
  • 3/20/22: Character page created and stylized, individual pages made but no content yet. Nav links to home and character actually work now
  • 3/16/22: Finally made this page! Set up backgrounds, navbar, cursor, and initial formatting


Lilah Blakelea is a succubus with a theory: what if instead of sleeping with as many people as possible and collecting souls that way, you tried getting really intimate with one person? Quality over quantity, after all. She packs her stuff and heads over to the human world to test her theory with one Io McGann, a prickly university student who could really use a friend.

Little does Lilah know, Io is a member of a prolific demon-hunting family. Following this realization, everything begins to fall apart.

Along the way, her goals shift as she finds herself falling for her quarry. As Lilah and Io continue to orbit around each other, they both come to realizations about what they really want from this life.

What are they willing to change for love?