The Space Between Hellwrought Souls

Chrissa LeBlanc

The Knowledge Giver

  • Name: Chrissa LeBlanc (Human Name), Chrissineus (Demon Name)
  • Age (Apparent): 20
  • True Age: 190
  • Height: 5'9"
  • Pronouns: She/her
  • Sexuality: Bisexual
  • Demon Type: Mephis
  • Family: Moto/Motiosa (Mentor and mother figure)
  • Likes: Old libraries, sweet coffee, early mornings, soft music, new pens, well-organized notes, personalized gifts
  • Dislikes: Electronics, thunder, scheduling conflicts
  • Demeanor: Well-mannered, short, blunt phrasings when not speaking with friends, stubbornly patient, can be single-minded, generally kind, especially to friends
  • Strengths: Emotionally intelligent, determined
  • Weaknesses: Single-minded focus

Chrissineus is a mephis demon who, though relatively young, is massively successful in terms of her ability to harvest Soulstuff from humans. In the early 20th century, she was known in the human dimension as Christian Whitaker, a gentle but mysterious socialite who leveraged social status and clever turns of phrase to harvest Soulstuff from businessmen looking to gain an edge over their competition, who were willing to exchange energy for knowledge like Faustus before them.

Now, she has taken the moniker of Chrissa LeBlanc, an intelligent, if curt, college student, looking to infiltrate a far different ecosystem of humans hungry for knowledge. Though less lucrative than manipulating the short-sighted executives of her past, she has still garnered a steady stream of Soulstuff; that is, until she sets her sights on Teri Orellana. Teri should be a perfect candidate for Chrissa's temptations but was far more stubbornly independent than Chrissa initially thought. Not willing to back down, she takes on her greatest challenge yet: enticing with success the already successful.