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  • NAME: Sterling Lafoy

  • OTHER NAMES: Master Lafoy (by Alani)

  • BIRTHDATE: Givre 7, 1172 (Age 28)

  • ZODIAC: The Warrior

  • PRONOUNS: He/him

  • SEXUALITY: Bisexual

  • ALLEGIANCE: Sorregia, Harbinger Society

  • OCCUPATION: Secretary to the Prime Minister of Ansterre

  • CLASS: Rogue (Assassin)/Wizard (Enchanter)


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Charming in a manner that betrays an inner darkness, Master Sterling Lafoy carries with him an air of danger. A likable politician on most days, when needed, he becomes a terrifying interrogator, one who doesn't shy from magically molding the minds of his prey before getting his answers with his blade.

Born to parents unknown and placed in an orphanage with a less than stellar reputation, he found his own way stealing from the more affluent citizens of Ansterre. As he grew older, he became one of the go-to rougeish mercenaries in the city, one untethered to any one guild or employer; that was the case, until he was hired by Neverran operatives to steal classified research from the most secure library in the city. Before he had a chance to trip the first alarm, one Alani Minaleth caught him, teleporting him away from the crime scene before he could get himself killed. She magically modified the memory of the resident librarian, and dragged Sterling away by the scruff of his neck.

Though he was initially upset by her interference, he quickly came to realize that she had saved him from a suicide mission. They talked through the night about Sterling's ambitions, what he wants to do with his genuinely impressive skills, until she offered him a place in her Harbinger Society, her secret organization dedicated to uncovering the secrets about the civil war. He needed no convincing.

Over the next few years, Sterling slowly began integrating into a brand new life, transitioning to male and weaseling his way into Sorregian politics as a function of the Harbinger Society, gaining new allies and friends along the way. He found that polite society suited him well, afforded him the chance to impress, to woo, to inch his way into people's minds in a way he was unable to do in his mercenary youth.

It is entirely worth the paperwork, he thinks, to have a chance at changing the world.

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